• Essential Services Fee

    This Fee is everything required to have a burial minus a casket of your choosing.
    These are the required fees for having a burial.Any elective additional services may be added in the next steps.
  • Professional & Staff Services

    • Professional consultation with licensed personnel, including, but not limited to, expert advice on options to meet your needs.
    • Co-ordination of all activities, rites and ceremonies, before, during and after they have been provided, including services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers.
    • Completion and filing of all documents necessary to carry out the services and supplies requested, including, but not limited to, death registration and burial permit.
    • All transportation of the body/remains, including from place of death to our facility, from our facility to place of disposition and (in the case of cremations) from the crematorium back to our facility.
    • Licensed and secured facilities used to prepare, and/or shelter the remains.
    • The use of the funeral coach for up to 3 hours for transporting the casketed deceased to the cemetery.
    • The use of licensed funeral director for up to 3 hours.
  • Cash Advances

  • $0.00
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